Gloria Gladwyn

Gloria Gladwyn has become a bit of an enigma midst the realms of Myott collecting. In order to understand the reasoning behind the design and production of these utilitarian wares, such as dinner and tea sets, we need to take a look at what was happening with other contemporary potteries manufacturing similar wares.

Of course the main influence of the Art Deco ceramic styling of the period was Clarice Cliff working for A.J. Wilkinson & Co. It must be asked whether Myott’s own designer Gloria Gladwyn was a manifestation of the Clarice Cliff name, conjured up with representative same initials, taking just two flicks of the pen to turn a 'CC' in to a 'GG'. Though Gloria Gladwyn’s productions are more in line with those of Susie Cooper the name (along with Charlotte Rhead) can be grouped in the same genre, although Gloria Gladwyn is still relatively unknown. Whether an actual lady called Gloria Gladwyn, a pseudonym or purely a trade mark it isn’t currently clear. The Gloria Gladwyn Productions logo is a work of art in itself – very typical of 1930’s design.

Banded Plate
Like Susie Cooper’s popular banded designs, those of Gloria Gladwyn often follow a similar style with extensive use of autumnal colours and also bizarre stylised scenes from nature. Output was in no way as prolific as Cliff or Cooper but a variety of patterns are known with examples popping up on Ebay quite frequently, many of which originate abroad.

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