You may join this club as either an individual (either a collector or simply someone interested in Myott), as an event organiser, or as a dealer. A dealer is allowed unlimited advertising on the site, whereas a member can only place 2 concurrent adverts. Event Organisers and Dealers are permitted to update the events page to add in events that they are organising or events and venues that they may be attending.


There is an annual membership fee of £15.00 for members and event organisers which contributes toward the development and maintenance of this site. There is an annual fee of £25.00 for dealers.


We do not disclose your details for the use of other organisations. Members' email addresses are never published on this site unless a member chooses to do so. The buy/sell section of the site operates on an introduction basis and it is the responsibility of the parties involved to evaluate the authenticity of the other parties before entering into transactions. Members may choose a nickname to appear in the bulletin board and advert section if they submit content to these sections, otherwise their name will be used.

Application Form

Fees are collected online via PayPal. Please fill in the following application form. You can then log on to the site and pay from the link on the members home page.

Important: Membership applications are currently suspended while we re-vamp the website. Hope to have this back online shortly.

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